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Driving shouldn’t be overly physical, so if you feel like you’ve spent an hour at the gym after a ten minute drive to work, this is a sign you have steering and suspension problems. Fear not, we’ll inspect your shock absorbers and suspension components which are important for your comfort, particularly in a 4WD, and discuss what needs doing with you before carrying out any work.

The less your vehicle needs to fight to stay on the road, the more efficient your fuel use will become. You’ll also get better wear on your tyres. With well maintained steering and suspension, you won’t spend as much at the bowser. What’s more, you’ll also improve your stopping distance and therefore, your safety.

Steering needs to respond instantly and precisely to keep you safe on the road. Don’t leave it chance, leave it to the team at Off the Wall Automotive.

Shock absorbers/struts

All vehicles including 4WD

Ball joints and tie rods

Full steering and suspension checks

Supply and install of various lift kits and components to improve suspension geometry

ABS diagnostics

Keeping your car in check

You don’t want to feel every bump in the road or not be confident you’ll make it round that corner safely. Contact us for a full service and check of your steering and suspension.

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