Vehicle RWC and COI

Roadworthy Certificates and Certificates of Inspection

If you need a vehicle inspection, we are an approved inspection station (AIS Approval 11245) for light vehicles (LV) up to and including 4.5 tonne GVM, certificates of inspection (CL) up to and including 4.5 tonne GVM that require a COI for book tyre, book tyre rental, taxi, limousine or special purpose limousine. Certificate of inspection for registered heavy vehicles (HV) with a GVM of more than 4.5 tonne, up to 16 tonne, excluding registered buses and licensed tow trucks, unregistered vehicles over 4.5 tonne GVM and unregistered buses with over 12 seats. Safety certificates for light trailers (LT) over 750kgs and up to and including 3.5 tonne ATM. Certificate of Inspection for heavy trailers (HT) over 3.5 tonne up to and including 10 tonne ATM, any unregistered trailer over 3.5 tonne ATM. Safety certificate for motorcycles (MC) including trikes and mopeds. We are also HVRAS accredited.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that each vehicle we inspect is checked thoroughly so you know exactly where you stand and what repairs if any, need to be carried out.

Whether you are buying or selling your vehicle, the checks are the same and you can rest assured that the Off the Wall team will not pass anything that doesn’t meet Queensland and Main Roads standards.

Light and heavy vehicles

Light and heavy trailers



Book tyre/book tyre rental


Giving you peace of mind

When it comes to buying and selling a vehicle, peace of mind is essential. Trust experienced mechanics to certify the safety of a vehicle.

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