Put your foot down with confidence

Cairns Brake and Clutch Experts

We like to get you moving but also, we like to make sure you stop safely, particularly in an emergency. With extreme weather being a feature of life in Far North Queensland, you never know when you’re going to find yourself driving through a sea of water on a usually dry road. Being able to react with confidence is therefore essential, regardless of whether you drive a family car, 4WD, motorbike, truck or campervan.

It goes without saying that keeping up to date with your vehicle services will help you know when your brakes need replacing. In the event of something unexpected going wrong with your braking system, we can also help with that too.

Replacement brake pads, rotors and drums

Authorised Safe-T-Stop testing centre

Brake and clutch repairs

Hose repairs and upgrades

Brake system upgrades

Brake machining

ABS diagnostics


Safe-T-Stop performs dynamic safety checks on brakes, steering and suspension that other vehicle testing methods can miss. As one of the higher profiile workshops in North Queensland with this state of the art technology, we are able to increase accuracy in our diagnosis and save you money through more efficient vehicle operation. European engineered and built to last, the data helps find brake faults which can be almost impossible to pick up when road testing.

Just as stopping is important, so too is going again. The clutch is one of the most important parts of your vehicle which links the engine and gearbox, giving you control between the two. If things aren’t as smooth as they used to be or you feel a little disconnected when putting your foot down, maybe it’s time for a new clutch. Don’t ignore the warning signs and leave yourself stranded in need of a tow.

Friction where you need it

We supply and fit everything you need to keep your brakes and clutch functioning so you have peace of mind that you’ll stop when you need to, and get going again when you’re ready.

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