Auto Electrical Experts

We put the spark back into your vehicle

As well as car batteries, we can also carry out a full diagnosis of your vehicle’s electrical systems. With a huge number of components and wiring, there is a lot to maintain and when something goes wrong, diagnosing the problem can be a challenge. With specialist equipment and expert training and knowledge, we can quickly and accurately diagnose any electrical issues that need attention.

If you’ve got aftermarket parts you need fitted, we can help with that too. Don’t risk blowing up your computer or ECU fitting those new spotties. We quickly (and safely) install most parts and at the same time, ensure you’re road legal.  

EFI and common rail diagnostics

Wiring looms and Spotlights

Brake controllers and headlights

DC chargers and UHFs

Canbus specialists

Aftermarket parts

For your auto electrical needs

Speak to the team at Off the Wall Automotive. We strive to work on modern vehicles and electrical systems.

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