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Keep on trucking

We are specialists in light truck maintenance and repairs in Cairns. Light and medium trucks require expert knowledge and a keen eye to keep them on the road, which for commercial vehicles in particular, is essential.

We can perform all types of servicing and repairs from brakes and steering, to suspension, clutches and drivetrain. We’ll also take care of your battery, tyres and auto electrical components. What’s more, we carry out all of our work in line with manufacturers’ schedules, so you can rest assured that you’ll be on the road sooner, without voiding your warranty.

Light and medium trucks

Tyres and batteries

Brakes and steering

Suspension and clutches


Load it up, hammer down

If your truck needs a service or repair, our specialist team will take care of everything so you can be back on the road safely, sooner, without voiding your warranty.

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