Complete Vehicle Diagnostics

Finding and fixing the problem

Gone are the days of opening your car bonnet and being able to quickly identify what is preventing your vehicle from running smoothly. Modern vehicles aref ar more sophisticated which often means  you need a trained professional with the right tools to accurately diagnose problems with confidence.

We have specialist tools and equipment, so our expert team can quickly, confidently and accurately work out what’s going on. We’ll then prepare an estimate that clearly outlines what needs to be done to fix the fault, how much it will cost and the expected timeframe for completion.

Snap On Verus Pro diagnostic system with channel labscope

Smoke machine and thermal imaging cameral

Repco authorised technical trained

Latest diagnostic software

G-scan 3

Launch X 431

Accurate Diagnosis

Whether you’ve got an engine light that stays on, or the performance of your vehicle just isn’t what it used to be, we’ll get under the bonnet and get to the root of the problem.

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